my bio in 2017: my name is luana, i'm 20 years old but i guess i should write i was born in 97 so it's always up to date. i've been to a slowdive concert this year, i still obsess over things but now it's microbiology, modern physics and biochem, still weird i know. thank god that's more useful (well i hope so). these days i listen mostly to (sandy) alex g and mogwai. also i'm really into mbti.

    my bio in 2015: my name is luana. i like to watch tv shows while i obsess over actors/show runners/fictional characters, i am also a witch and i can (possibly will) turn you into a sea horse because they are simultaneously cute and weird  plus i like how they move (wouldn't that be convenient?). i have 18 years old and i don't enjoy procrastinating as i used to, so now i spend my time sewing purses or doing bracelets with beads of doubtful taste while watching buffy: the vampire slayer. i like zombies and pies, banana pies, and obviously good coffee (and hot). musical junkie who listens to coldplay (how standard is that), fleetwood mac and some polynesian folk music (that's is so not true).