I've got a taste and it's cancelled TV shows: a review of Togetherness

    I'd binged season 1 of HBO'S Togetherness in the end of 2015 because I got obsessed over Mark Duplass. I've watched every mumblecore movie I could and then I found the series.

    It's such a remote reality from mine. I mean, I'm in the very start of my twenties. Why the fuck I like to watch a dark comedy about the life of people in their 30's and they married (or not) life problems? OK, I'm not being fair to the premise. It's so much more than that, but simplifying a lot, it kind of is, so.

    Answering the question. Because the character make mistakes I can relate too. It's the closing of the biggest lesson I've learnt in my teenage years. Adults haven't figured it out too. I don't have to pressure myself to get into every experience I can as a teen and learn everything at once. That's why.

    I just googled the synopsis and: "The spark in parents Brett and Michelle Pierson's marriage is all but extinguished. When his best friend, out-of-work actor Alex, and Michelle's sister Tina move in with the Piersons in Los Angeles, the four adults try to remain good friends/siblings/spouses while achieving their personal goals". That is such a fucking boring premise, dude. Although, I guess it's impossible to write shows completely without tropes these days, right? But, yes, I swear, it's so well executed you won't even mind.

    Also the songs, gosh. The editors really knows how to put songs in a fucking episode. The rhythm is so structured, consistent and yet just flows light as a breeze. Every second of the 30 min arc is so well used.

    I won't even start talking about the huge solid crush I have on Mark Duplass. I though it'd pass but it didn't, it's still present in the year of 2017. I can't rationalize it, I swear I'll stop trying, I can't put my hands on why it exists, it is what it is.

    I really like Melanie Lyskey despite the fact she has made the role of the bad aunt (this is an euphemism) in The Perks of Being an Wallflower (2012) and the bad mother in Win Win (2011) so I tend to associate her characters to not very good people at all (sorry for the typecasting). She's so sincere and plain, or raw (???). Honestly I have to think about it more to find the right adjectives. She's good at what she does.

    Well, bad news the show is cancelled, and apparently has no end!!!! Kind of good news is that I'm used to this kind of situation. Firefly, Pushing Daisies and basically every Bryan Fuller series.

    Ok, now I'm gonna watch the last episode. Good luck to me. (Wow, I that's a fricking boring ending to a post, so enthusiastic).

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