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    This post is the publication of drafts I wrote 2 years ago. It's probably unfinished by I don't care, the value is in how old it got.


    The big day is coming up. I have my passport in one hand and my (almost) packed bags in another. It's starting to feel real and not another one of my fictional trips I plan now and then (seriously, once I made the plans for a 2-week trip to Iceland with activities, hostel fares, plane logistics and all that, everything in a Excel table).

    Despite the fact that I am a very conscious buyer, I am afraid I might freak out when I see a Forever 21 or any store actually. I'm not used to having a lot of cute + cheap options here in Brazil, soooo... That's why I'm making a list of things I'll buy for sure, I said, for sure, a 100% sure. So here it goes:

    Bingo Bronson T-Shirt I am such a sucker for merch. I'm really picky though. I don't like those shirts with the logo of the show or the face, I prefer the most not obvious pieces. This Bingo Bronson T-Shirt is all I need to show my not-so-obvious love for Broad City. YAS KWEEN. Another fandoms I intend to buy merch from is: Firefly/Serenity and Welcome to Night Vale

    Macbook I am in a desperate need for a notebook. My last HP is slower than how long a season of BBC Sherlock takes to premiere, so I'm borrowing a laptop from my grandfather (he has like 3 laptops, so he doesn't even miss it)(also, why does anyone need that much notebooks??).

    Passion Planner Since I tend to procrastinate a lot, when I plan my week I tend to do it less. Last year of high school, I used to free draw a weekly planner sheet and it adapted really quickly to my routine. There's no need to say that I didn't do it every week due to laziness (guilty) and those weeks weren't as productive as the others, of course. So, not having to draw a planner would be neat!

    a backpack
    a proper bag

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