An un-called for review of (Sandy) Alex G's Rocket and some rants

    I wanna write and I have so much to talk about but I don't know where to start. OK, I'm thinking of starting to write in Portuguese, it's my first language after all. I chose English because it's easier for me, it just flows. But Portuguese, it'd be useful to start writing in it because since I speak it it would help me feel more concise when I talk, since I've been "practicing", testing, verbalizing my thoughts here on the blog. Talking MBTI: this is my Ti and Pe in conflict.

    Changing the subject, musically speaking. (SANDY) ALEX G IS A GENIUS. I WANNA SCREAM IN EVERYONE'S FACES. Rocket has been out for more than a month now and it's such a preciosity to this world. This boy makes every song so dense, dense in feeling, in identity, authenticity. Sportstar just conquered my heart in a way, it's just one of those songs you wanna live inside, the live version without the voice effects is so good too. Brick has some of that Death Grips thangggg, it's definitely near The Garden's Steak and Get Me My Blade in my Being Extraverted Songs Playlist (if that's a thing), and by that I mean it makes me want to go out at night with a rad eyeliner, dress in black and RAGE. Please notice that if I do that I probably won't do it for another 6 months since that drains so much energy. It makes me tired just thinking of it, but it's nice now and then tho. Anyway, no one cares. The song I'm listening the most these days is Powerful Man, I don't know how to describe how comfy it makes me feel, my favourite part is "When I look you in the eye, you're gonna tell me that you love me and hold me tight, cause you know that I have no fear, ain't gonna walk into a river and disappear". I guess it that's how I conceive commitment. I tried to describe it further but I typed and deleted for 4 minutes now, I guess it's one of those things that doesn't need further explanation. Poison Root is such a good opening. Proud is so aaaaaah I wanna hug this song (there you can see I'm a fan of the figure of speech prosopopeia). Rocket is such a pleasant instrumental. Other songs that should be mentioned are Judge and Alina. I didn't plan on doing a review but here it is.

    The importance of reading. I know how fucking important really reading tings is. Mainly if I wanna improve my writing. I always everything in my day scheduled, maybe that gives me the sensation I have no time for something out of my to do list. But I do have time there to just relax, so why is it not working? What am I doing wrong? I have to reminding myself that I do have time. The problem is that I wanna read it all, so I don't focus in anything. I've read my INTP personality is more prone to get into the vortex of the Liquid Modernity. But at least I'm not blind, eh? So yeah, I'll commit to do one thing at a time.

    That's why I have to go back practicing yoga. I'm such a better person when I do. To get started is so difficult, but once I'm there i love it. Center my being, fill my lungs and then empty it, oh I miss this. And I can't get to do it just myself, I'm not that disciplined, and it's not gonna be some fitness app which will change my life.

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