2yrs have gone

    I created this blog because I love writing, and I wanted to get closest I could of documenting that phase of getting ready to the trip, since I'd waited most of my conscious life to. And I love writing, I love how it feels, I feel I can let myself be understood. I don't feel that with spoken words most of the time.

    I just published 2 drafts I've written in 2015 before my trip, they are unfinished, there's no point to finish it but also I cant just throw them away.

    Life's been busy, I've made a choice to get into med school in federal university, which means I have to get a very, very good grade in the test in the end of the year. I made this choice, as conscious as I could at the time, of the compromise I was getting into.

    My trip has passed, I grew a lot. But Montreal, I'm not the girl you knew. And I'm thankful. 2016 was a tough year, I encountered a situation that impacted me more than a trip all by myself to another hemisphere. I grew so much, I'm so proud of myself.

    Yes, my incredible naiveness was at a point irritating, but I'm satisfied, it kept me genuine at the whole process. I can say I've grown and the merit is all mine.

    I've learnt it's ok to not get along with someone. It doesn't matter how much you both invest in the relationship. People just don't get one another. Just stop hanging on, stop insisting, but never stop being you. And this is about a friendship.

    (UO bugs me a lot but every Alex G live recording is gold and should be perpetuated) 

    2016 was a very social year to me, I got involved with so many people, and it was nice, I got to know "the other side". I'm not exaggerating here, it was really new shit to me. It was exciting, I was really into the experience. And, just like scientific method, I got to a conclusion. I've consolidated I prefer to be alone, lots of people around me get me tired, and that's ok. I should respect that about myself.

    Also the moment I'm living is kind of selfish. I study from 7am to 8pm with a few breaks in there. When I get home in tired, I don't wanna talk to no one, including my favourite person in the world, which is my grandma. I feel bad for it, I know she misses me and I do too, the important thing is she understands so it's ok. It's a lot, but I'm happy.

    The feeling of just knowing you're in the right place in the right time is priceless. The satisfaction hits when I'm on my way home, my bus passes the oceanside, some shoegazy or post-rock song is in my earphones, I know I did my best that day and I'm happy. Sometimes doubt hits and hold me back, and there's a chance I can exercise my faith. I know I'm protected, I've been given so many proofs through my life and I should repeat to myself, "do your best, destiny will find you".

    I miss writing in here so much, but I don't have a computer but I'll try to keep it up with my tablet. Though it's not as comfy to type on there as it is typing on a laptop - gosh the wrist support is crazy in here!!!

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