The Wait and How to Help Yourself Through It

     I consider myself a patience person despite the anxiety. Fourteen days to go, waiting for the homestay information, I already have the visas for Canada and USA. There is nothing else to do except wait (and mentally pack). This is the most significant wait period of my life, and it made me very motivated to seek for distractions.

    This are the activities that are helping me. Most of them are active, they require me to take your mind of things and focus on them. Of course, there are times I can't concentrate, that's why there are passive activities, though, time pass a bit slower in those.

    Plan! Some things, a lot of times the most exciting ones, need tickets to be bought in advance. For instance, I just bought my ticket for the Welcome To Night Vale Tour, they started selling July 10, it is almost sold out by now and the good seats are already gone. So be aware of the events in the city you are going. Most cities have blogs and tourism web sites, for Montreal there is Tourisme-Montreal .Or you can just google it (I didn't know this Google resource of upcoming events, the more you know!).

    Do housework and organize your stuff You know that drawer you mean to tidy up since forever. It is time to make that happen now. Clean your shoes, organize your wardrobe, select things you'll take in your trip.

    Write a novel Last night I had a sudden CUO (craving of unidentified origin) to start writing a novel, so I started my research, collecting outlines, methods of planning, character development sheets, stuff like that. I don't know if I get to the finished product, but it has been fun till now.

    Marathon a TV Show The longer the wait, the longer the TV show!! Yassss, finally, watch The X-Files! One thing I don't want to allow is to not finish the show before my trip, that would be frustrating.  I recently finished Mad Men, and Buffy is halfway through. Now a warning: This activity is considered very passive by the author.

    Play a video game I am a casual video game player. I just finished Bioshock Infinite, it's a first-person shooter game, with a plot worthy of a Doctor Who episode, awesome graphics, and it is steampunk. I won't even start how much I like steampunk, zeppelins,  goggles, all that. I also like LEGO games, Batman 2 and Harry Potter Years 1-4 are good ones. I just got Halo 4, let's see how it goes.

    Read a book I just finished Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility and started American Gods by Neil Gaiman, pretty good style switch uh. If you don't know what to read, What Should I Read Next is a system of recommendation based on a title or author you like.

    Bake So. Many. Pinterest. Recipes. I can't even list them here, but I did a lasagna roll thingy with spinach, I was so proud of myself! Bake cakes, make salads and dressings, healthy snacks, smoothies, just trying things out.

    Write a blog or keep a diary Don't worry about followers, they will eventually come. Write for yourself, what you want to say and hear. Blog about your experiences, your thoughts, the songs you are listening to, the things that inspire you. You will eventually forget how the expectation felt, and it's a precious time, even more precious when you come back and read about your old self. People change and seeing that transformation is awesome and a tad rewarding.

    Go out for an ice cream This is really tough for me,  I am a very lazy. I appreciate staying home a lot, but that doesn't mean I always love it. Call your friends, set a date for sushi. Or if they can't make it, go on your own. It had been forever since I explored the city on my own, but I (surprisingly) did and it felt great, I bought myself an overpriced frozen yogurt, the weather was nice, I had just recovered from a skin breakout and my eyeliner was on point, so I felt great. People watching is also surprisingly fun.

    Remember to not ignore future projects and just binge watch, this just makes the time pass slower (I can testify that). Make some lists! Start things! Time to get off the couch. Eventually the waiting will be over, so use your time well, even if it feels like centuries and you are stuck in a time bubble, just know that eventually it will be over.


      I can even start telling about how excited I am. Since the moment I knew my exchange was happening I already started researching about cons I could go, and I found FAN EXPO CANADA, which takes place in Toronto this September.

      My craving to go to a convention got really intense during SDCC 2013, which was the best Comic Con that has ever happened. It was the year of Desolation of Smaug, Tom Hiddleston showed in Loki costume, the Hannibal panel (Pannibal) was superb, Guardians of the Galaxy panel, Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, should I go on? I remember the feeling of excitement I had by watching all those happenings, even by a YouTube window or a Tumblr gif.

      Since my mom is the one paying, how did I present this trip to her? I've made a good old PowerPoint presentation, I was so proud of myself. It started with the types of tickets, how I could I get to Toronto, where I would stay, a cost simulation and then the reasons I wanted to go. I put a slide with one photo of Billie Piper, Jenna Coleman and Karen Gillan and the another one with a bunch of pictures of Norman Reedus (so standart!!). And it ended like that. She was pretty proud of me, actually she first thought the presentation was made by agency of some sort, and she didn't even look at it carefully, haha.

      I already have the passes, booked the hostel (I'll tell about that) and bought the train tickets. It is gonna a be a lot of firsts for me! I have never been to a convention, there are no good ones in Brazil yet (it is starting to). I have never traveled by train in a modern sense, I've made a historical trip to the south of the country but it was a very old train (moved by steam, so you get it). And I am staying at the HI Toronto, which is a cool hostel in downtown. The reviews are good, mainly the most recent ones (apparently they changed management last year). The photos are awesome, the rooms are nice and they even have a bar in the basement. The one thing I was a bit insecure about is the bathrooms, since I haven't found a picture, I'm going to rely in the reviews for this one.

      Hostel is a very good option for me, since staying at a hotel alone was financially impossible. There are pros and cons of course. The good thing is I think I can deal with the main con, which is sleeping in a room with 10 other girls I don't know. But, yeah, I think the bar might help with that, becoming friendly acquaintances.

      The truth is I was much more excited before I bought the things, since it was a considerable amount of money, and I have issues with that. I always tell myself  "Money can buy good food and experiences, but spend it on what lasts a long time". Actually I've never told myself that, but I think that way!!

      I won't have to photoshop myself next to Norman Reedus anymore!! Well, if his photo op is not $105, I might do it.

      PS: What I still have the hope to see confirming at Fan Expo is Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. I hope the production is finished by then, it could be a great promotion for Con Man!