Vintage Exotic Dancer Babes + How to cope with allergies

    Having allergies is the worst! I have this since I was born and I am still not used to how much it sucks. Nothing more comforting than stay in, with a blanket, tea in one side and a roll of tissue in the other. Yah, that's right, that allergy life bro.

    I love tea in lots of aspects, except the wait for the infusion. I consider myself a very patience person, but not if it comes to that! 

    So, for a quick tea: honey and lemon, it is the most simple thing, that thing your grandmother give to you when you are sick, I just came to the light of knowledge of this recipe today (pardon my ignorance). One tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 or 3 tablespoons of honey, complete the mug with hot water and stir. This shit is magical, it tastes awesome and I would say it smells awesome too but my nose is not doing that this couple of days. Yesterday I had like 3 of those and today I am 99% allergy effect free. I know having lots of hot lemon is not very advisable because it can irritate your throat, so, gotta know your limits grrl.

    Certainly I'm not very good with titles introductions because this was supposed to be a Pinterest inspiration thing,  so let's just skip to that:

    I love the amount of details, the attitude and poses. It is such a celebration of the female figure and energy, its delicacy and sexiness.


    Wasting My Youth

      I have so much times on my hands nowadays, I spent my whole last year thinking how great it would be, but now, I just want it to end. I miss having a routine, having responsibilities and waking up early 5 days a week, feel the cold morning air in my skin and lungs. I forgot my urge to do things, to want to sit down and sew a purse, to decorate an old box with plastic gems and colorful felt, I feel like a waste of youth.

      Watching TV shows isn't as exciting as it used to be, I don't feel like I deserve the joy and excitement of a 13-hour marathon of Daredevil, because I've done nothing important these days. I have petty responsibilities like: feed the dogs, set up the table for lunch, do my french homework. I'll have some errands to run after my birthday, I can not wait for that, so I'll feel like useless piece of furniture till then.

      I feel like everything is in suspension, I can't start a decent course because I won't be available in 3 months and everything less than that just feels so lame, like the 2-week duration "gluten-free cake decoration course" I found the leaflet for. So I am doing very un-concrete things instead, which is this blog, some wishlists and planning.

      Yesterday I come across this video of Alice Barker, a 102-year-old woman, watching for the first time footage of herself performing the 1930s.

      Her reaction makes me so happy for being young, excited for what is ahead and hoping that I have a feeling of satisfaction about my past, just like her. Sometimes, as a 17-year-old girl I feel such a waste of youth and it makes me sad, so the next time this happens I will remind myself of Alice and her “forever young-ness” and act, do what I like (even though I don’t have this figured out yet).

      On the other hand I feel such a waste of energy of this planet. Just like a dinosaur, I giant creature consuming the energy of the world. I'm a privileged kid, I've gone to good schools, I've got a comfortable bed, a family who loves me and supports me, I don't feel 100% worthy of that. And even so, I can't find something to make it right.

      Well, I guess reflection is the first step.

      (also I made a playlist while writing this)