technically fall but, really, it is still summer

    it is finally fall!!! it has been for 10 days, but it's still hot, so whatever...

    anyways, i just closed the deal and bought the plane ticket, I AM HELLA EXCITED. now i have to start praying for a tokyo police club concert while i am there, any positive energy is welcome haha (srsly tho).

    i wasn't even going to post this pictures of cute flowers after the rain, but they just represent my current emotions so well. it was good play with photoshop again, i guess it has been one year i didn't open it (good ol' tumblr days). my photo editing abilities are rusty but i feel so good  i don't care.

    it is happening guys!!!!!

      so yeah, i am going to montreal for 4 months to study french and the anxiety is striking hard everyday. this is the trip of my dreams, i have been mentally planning this since i was like 12 years old and now everything is becoming more solid and solid as the days passes by.

      i still haven't signed the contract with the agency because i have been exploring all the options and packages i can to ensure everything is going to be perfect, trying to make the best combination of what i want and what is economically possible. i plan to close the deal this very last day of march, till then, i have lots of sums and monetary conversions to do!

      there are so many things to think about,  i put them in 3 categories:
      the program - it includes the classes, the books, homestay.
      pre - one time costs: the passport, visa card, plane ticket and insurance.
      post - fixed costs: transports, lunch/snacks, clothes for snow.

      excel is my best friend right now. some things, like the plane ticket and the clothes are estimated costs, which means i put the medium to the higher price it can be, so hopefully i will spend less than what is in my planning, and that, my friends, the feeling of "WHERE IS THIS MONEY COMING FROM??? oh yeaaaah, i am a rich bitch!!" is one of the best things that can happen in a trip like this. the next best thing is probably meeting norman reedus or nathan fillion in the middle of the street (i still have hope, you know).

      "she rules her life like a fine skylark"

        this is an documentation of my life from the month i decided i would do an exchange, my current obsessions, teen angst thoughts and probably some diy's if i take shareable pictures of the process.